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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities at The Trentside Federation

The Trentside Federation provides a broad and balanced curriculum for all children. All Teaching staff are aware that quality, first hand teaching and learning is key to ensuring that children are able to reach their potential. We are also aware that there are a minority of children who have particular learning requirements that could create barriers to their learning.

In line with the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Code of Practice, September 2014, these children are offered individually targeted SEND support to enable them to participate effectively in the curriculum and assessment activities.

At the Trentside Federation, we monitor closely and review regularly the progress of these children to ensure that they receive the best possible support and opportunities. We take pride in this process with the aim of putting the child at the centre.

Click here to view Trentside Federation SEND Policy

Click here to view Trentside Federation SEND Information Report

If you have any questions or concerns about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities at the Trentside Federation, please do contact us.

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