The Trentside Federation

  1. St Martins C of E Primary
  2. Meet the Staff


Mrs J Buckle- Head Teacher

Mrs C Brinkley- Deputy Head Teacher, EYFS Teacher and SENCo

Mrs J Ayris - Senior Teacher and Year 1 and 2 Teacher

Mrs H Grundy- Early Years Manager

Miss S Brown- Year 5 and 6 Teacher

Mrs V Priestley- Year 3 and 4 Teacher

Mrs J Collins - Year 3 and 4 Teacher

Mrs L Cressey- Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Sellers- Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Barker - Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Dixon - Teaching Assistant

Miss R Boulding - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Gibson - SEN Teaching Assistant and TaHMS Learning & Development mentor 

Miss D Elliott- Teaching Assistant and Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs R Cartwright- Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss K Baybrooke- Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs L Hutchinson - Business Manager

Mrs S Dance- Senior Administrator

Mrs D Lily- Cook

Mrs T Longhorn- Kitchen Assistant

Mr A Cartwright- Caretaker