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West Butterwick

Church of England Primary School


In Class One there are the children in Year One and Year Two in the mornings and then for some afternoons of the week, the Reception children join them.  The children all have a positive attitude to learning, work hard, ask questions and have the confidence to ask for help.  


The Year One and Year Two children (Key Stage One), follow the National Curriculum 2014.  They have a daily Phonics, English and Math session in the mornings and then in the afternoons the other subjects are taught including Art and Design, History, Geography, Science, Design and Technology, Physical Education, Religious Education, Personal, Social, Health and Emotion Education and Computing. 


In Key Stage One, we are keen to support the love of reading and encouraging children to read at home as much as possible. We hear them read the reading scheme books that we have as many times as we can during the week but we also do guided reading which focuses on discussion and comprehension most days.  At the end of the day we have a quiet time when the children listen to a high quality story or non-fiction book.  Everyone enjoys and values this quality time.  


Useful websites to support your child include: – reading – phonics games – phonic games and math games - maths subsidising, addition and subtraction (login will be provided by school) – maths times tables (login will be provided by school) – all subjects – all subjects (login will be provided by school)


Additional Information and Documents 

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