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West Butterwick

Church of England Primary School



At the start of each academic year, pupils in school elect representatives into the School Council. The process of electing the School Council members is linked with the British Value of democracy - all children have the freedom and the right to vote for their chosen candidate. Voting is conducted anonymously to reflect that of an election. Pupils who wish to become members of the School Council will speak in front of their class, explaining why they would be the best candidate for the role of School Council member and may even create their own 'manifesto' to share with their peers.

Our School Council members undertake their roles with pride, enthusiasm and dedication, representing the views of all pupils at regular School Council meetings.  


*** Coming soon:  'Meet The School Council 2023-2024' ***


*** Coming soon:  'School Council 2023-2024 Mission Statement' *


School Council Meeting Schedule

 17/10/23 - School Council Meeting 1

15/11/23 - School Council Meeting 2