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West Butterwick

Church of England Primary School


Within our Foundation Stage classroom, we have Nursery and Reception children.  Our Nursery children attend for the morning session with Reception attending for the full day. 


The Nursery and Reception Children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is play based and encourages the children to be independent and to develop creativity and think critically.   We aim to give all children a secure foundation in learning and aim for them to become confident, independent learners who are willing to take risks and embrace challenge.  They have a topic based approach to cover the key aspects of the Curriculum, but we are also very much focused on the needs and wants of the children, so will adapt our plans if needed.  Through the observations that are completed of the children and the 'in the moment' teaching we do, we are able to to identify their strengths as well as the next steps of their learning.  With having a small number of children' we are proud to say that we know the children very well.  


The learning of the Nursery children will mainly focus on their Personal, Social and Emotional skills, Communication skills and their Physical Development.   Activities are provided for them by adults as well as the ones that they choose for themselves from the provision set up within the classroom and the outdoor area.  When ready, they will be introduced to simple Maths and Phonics sessions.  They do participate in a weekly Physical Education session. 


The Reception children have a daily Maths and Phonics session and are individually heard read several times a week.  Formal writing is very important and we start this as soon as the children are ready, with the aim of providing them with the skills and knowledge to write independently with the setting during their child initiated play.  The children also participate in a weekly Physical Education sessions, as well as computing, PSHE, Music and Art sessions. 


As a Church of England Primary School, we believe that a weekly Religious Education Sessions should be taught and we follow the Lincolnshire Diocese in-line with the rest of the school. 


We do like to share the children's experiences with family members at home so we use an online platform to share observations and photographs of the children's time in school. 


Useful Website to support your child include: - reading - phonics games - phonics and maths games - phonics and maths games - all subjects - maths (school will provide the login) - all subjects (school will provide the login)

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