School Lane, West Butterwick, North Lincolnshire, DN17 3LB

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West Butterwick

Church of England Primary School


Welcome to Nursery!

Our Nursery is open to the children for the morning session.  During this time, the Reception children are also in the same side of the classroom and work as a Foundation Stage unit.  In the other end of the classroom are Key Stage One.


The Nursery children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is play based and encourages the children to be independent and to develop creativity and think critically.  They have a topic based approach to cover the key aspects of the curriculum but we are also very much focused on the needs and wants of the children, so will swiftly adapt our plans and cover topics that are of real interest to them.  Through the observations that are completed of the children we are able to identify their strengths and then the next steps of their learning.  With having a small number of children we are proud to say we know the children very well and so we able to move them forward and support their next steps of learning quickly.


The Nursery children will mainly develop their Personal, Social and Emotional skills, Communication skills and their Physical skills within the activities that they choose and that that are provided.  When ready, they will be introduced to simple Maths and Phonics sessions.  They participate in at one Physical Education and one Music session a week, alongside the Reception children.